Oenothèque Alsace: 10th Anniversary

Sylvaner revisited, what does terroir taste like in the bottle, can top Alsace wines stand up to white Burgundy, are cult wines worth it and related questions: Thierry Meyer’s most recent masterclass/tutored tasting of selected Alsace wines raided from his Oeonothèque.


Alsace Wines: Dry, Sweet or Somewhere in-between?

The vexed question of sweetness in Alsace wines refuses to lie down – it’s been the subject of vigorous and enlightening discussion in recent French Wine Society forums in connection with the Alsace Masters-Level Program currently running, headed by Thierry Meyer. Here’s the nuts-and-bolts of a piece I wrote for Decanter in 2009. Sadly, the picture hasn’t changed much…

French Wine Society – New Alsace Master-level Program

The French Wine Society, based in France and Washington DC, is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for a series of wine study programs, both at scholar and masters level, as well as study trips to selected French wine regions. Their newest is the Alsace Master-level program, created jointly by the French Wine Society and Alsace resident and expert,…